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 Tamera Sanders attended HCC Cosmetology in Houston, Texas. While in school she began assisting for the DaVinci  of color, Jon Henderson of Houston. Jon trained Tamera in the art of coloring hair while maintaining the health of the hair. Jon was a great mentor. Once cosmetology was completed in 1994, Tamera has been on a passionate journey to make women look and feel glamorous. This adventure   blossomed into the ownership of  The Glam Suite!


Featured in Lucas da Magazine 2012

Featured in Rolling Out magazine for winter hair care tips 2012.

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Sponsor in The Fashion Fierce Show 2013

Featured in Grind365 Magazine 2013

The Glam Suite  Eco-chic hair therapy is here!

This has been a journey of wonder and passion. 

My product line is all natural. It is infused with vitamin rich organic and natural ingredients that  will treat dull lifeless hair and promote growth.


                                                    Introducing Glam Dry Scalp Therapy



Therapy 1is a dry scalp, dandruff, buildup removing, sulfate free masterpiece.

  Removing  buildup from the scalp and hair is so important. It is the only way your scalp and hair can receive the nutrients that you need. If not, you create more buildup. Therapy1 is a treatment shampoo.

Tricticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ oilis the richest natural source of vitamin E. This is beneficial for eczema and psoriasis. Arnica Montanahelps in reducing the itching due to dandruff and strengthen roots. This herb also prevent formation of split ends, revitalize the hair cells and thus helps in growth of hair. Organic Apple Cider Vinegaris full of nutrients and it will balance the PH of your scalp. It will thicken hair and remove dead skin cells that clog follicles and hurt your hair's ability to grow. The powerful enzymes in ACV kills bottle bacillus, a germ responsible for many scalp conditions. Including dandruff, itchy scalp and often baldness.                                                        



Therapy 2  amoisturizing and strengthening conditioner that will illuminate your hair. therapy 2  is also a wonderful deep penetrating conditioner.

  Castor oilis used to promote thicker hair and removing toxins. Wheat proteinis  used for strengthening while penetrating the cortex. It add cystine to the hair weakened by chemical treatments.  This make it an ideal choice for hair  after waving systems, relaxers and hair that is damaged from regular hair maintenance. Willow barkis used as an anti-inflammatory agent. It will sooth and condition on a cellular level.


Therapy Oil is  cuticle penetrating. Therapy oil will not just sit on your hair shaft. It will restore your hair.

  Grapeseed oilis fast absorbing and a great remedy for the hair. Vitamin E from grapeseed oil make hair cells stronger and protect  hair from heat. Castor oil a vegetable humectant that ensure a clean scalp, clear follicles and prepare hair for better growth. Apply to temples to increase the thickness of thinning edges.Argan oilcalm frizzy ends and help with dry scalp. Neem oilrelieve dry itchy scalp, dandruff, the symptoms of scalp psoriasis as well as giving you silky, shiny, stronger hair and encourage growth.